Chip8/Octo Collection

A Collection of Games Developed for the Chip8 with Octo.

A collection of Chip8 Games powered by Octo.


A simple rock paper scissors game. Use Z, X and C to select your choice.

Pumpkin 'Dreess [sic]' Up

Good humor poking fun at Newgrounds flash games. Dress up your pumpkin with Z, X and C.

Octo: A Chip8 Story

A simple visual novel. Use the on screen buttons to make your choices. There are 5 endings to find.


A silly Undertale fan game. Keep pressing W to pet the dog.

8CE Attorney

A demake of the popular Ace Attorney games. Use W to move forward in text, Q to press and E to show evidence.


A Wizard style dungeon crawler with no combat. It's recommend to have the manual open so you can read the text accompanied with each room. You know which block to read with the "READ ##" on screen.

Octo Rancher

You are a Junior Monster Summoner and you need to prove yourself to move into becoming a Super Monster Summoner.
In order to prove your worth, you need to complete all 8 Ranks of the Junior Battle Grounds. Use W, A, S and D to move up down left and right. Use Q to reset a summoning circle drawing. Use E to submit and select.


Created for Octo Jam, which had the theme: Octo Games.


Game Developer


Answering Questions

Internet Janitor


This was created using version Web of Octo.

It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Version 1.0, released Oct 25, 2019.