Lizards and Felidaes

A Tabletop Game and Interactive Character Sheet based on Lasers and Feelings.


The game is a hack of Lasers and Feelings and is open for hacking and remixing under a CC BY 4.0 license. Based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper.


You are the 90s movie club and you just got pulled into the TV! Now you've got to deal with the shows! Each show's got its own set of challenges, from goofy dudes to gnarly baddies, and you'll need to work together to beat 'em. But here's the catch, you've lost the TV remote! No pause button, no stoppin' the reel! It's time to put your skills to the test, find the remote, and break outta this film frenzy! Let's do this!

Using the Tabletop Decker Game

  1. Select "Party Time" to begin.
  2. Use "< Previous" and "Next >" to navigate the rules
  3. Select "Character Sheet" to have a character sheet when everyone is ready to play.
  4. The character sheet has a "Generate Show" option to make it easy for the GM to find it.


Created for Gex Jam, which had the theme: Gex.


Game Developer


Answering Questions

Internet Janitor


This was created using version 1.11 of Decker.

It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Version 1.0, released Feb 15, 2023.