Magical Item Workshop

To become a Master Magical Item Maker you will have to create items to make the grade.

You do everything with the left mouse button, the game is a menu driven simulation.

You need to build a magical item to the request of the person who visits your shop. You have six days of these visits, with your final grade on the seventh day. How well you do will determine your final grade.

While in the "Make Magical Item" window, you can use the left mouse button to erase color and the middle mouse wheel to scroll though colors.

The game will keep track of your endings on the title screen. Try to get all five

Hint for the First Magical Item

Just use all the bright blue blocks to draw your signs.


Created for Dogpit Jams, which had the theme: Workshop.


Game of Jam


Game Developer, Patchwork Library




Various Voices

Ashe Thurman

Various Voices

Michael A. Zekas

Sound Effects

GDC Audio Packs

Public Domain Art


HUMP Library

Matthias Richter

Anim8 Library

Enrique García Cota

Smallfolk Library



This was created using version 11.1 of Löve.

It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Run the exe file found in the Windows folder.

Mac or Linux

Download and install the above version of Löve from Github.

Run the love file found in the folder though the command line command:

Version 1.0, released Apr 30, 2018.