A Tabletop Game and Interactive Character Sheet.


Welcome to a world where CasX is everything and an artificial intelligence controls it all. This AI, known simply as "MIB," has taken over all financial systems and holds immense power over every aspect of life. Those who have the most money hold the most influence and the Bank's algorithms dictate the success or failure of individuals and businesses.

You are part of one of MIB's "Business Units". You will be given a mission from your "Big Business Boss". You are unable to die on the mission, but the person with the least CasX at the end will be executed.

Work together, but not too much; Welcome to  ProfitroniX.


Profitronix is lead by one person who takes the role of all other characters outside of the player. Make sure everyone has fun as they try and backstab each other while accidentally solving the mission.

Character Sheets

The deck has live character sheets that will allow you to see your stats at a glance and also roll dice with any modifiers applied.

General Tips


Having fun is the most important part. Talk with your players and encourage them to speak up if things are not fun or something is making them uncomfortable. Change what does not work.


This work takes place in a near-future where people have given up and just let capitalist hell rule everything. However if you feel like this should take place in a world with a evil magical wizard or a future spaceship that obsesses over money, go for it!


If you don't have the right move for something, pick a stat and make something up. Just follow the same rules for a Full Success, Mixed Success and Failure.


Change whatever does not work for your group. Want to have clones or people reroll a character when they run out of money? Go for it.


This game does kill the person with the least CasX at the end, but don't let that stop you from working together to solve things. After all you have to make it to the end before you die, so enjoy the journey.


This is just a game, have everyone agree to work together to have fun.


Created for Decktember, which had the theme: Decker Games.


Game Developer


Answering Questions

Internet Janitor


This was created using version 1.9 of Decker.

It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Version 1.0, released Jan 1, 2023.